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We started a Raddish Kids subscription at the beginning of our homeschool year. If you haven’t heard of Raddish Kids, it is a monthly cooking club for kids. Each month a new kit is delivered to your mailbox. Each kit contains: 3 illustrated recipe guides, 3 culinary skill cards, a creative kitchen project, exclusive kid friendly tools and collectables and online activities that you can participate in. We have not been disappointed with any of the recipes that have come in the Raddish kits. Ren is 7 and can cook with assistance.


As a homeschool Mama, I am always looking for ways to incorporate real-world activities into our school day. Cooking is one of the most well-rounded, real-world educational tools that we can use. Not only do my kids learn how to cook, they learn about safety in the kitchen with tools and appliances. They learn about different cultures which exposes them different food experiences. Cooking incorporates math, science, geography, reading comprehension and nutrition. It uses all five senses and improves motor skills.   My Ren likes to speed ahead with most activities; cooking requires him to stop and follow step-by-step instructions. He is learning patience in the process and is building his confidence in himself and in his abilities in the kitchen.

   “I like helping you cook and I like trying new recipes” Ren said, when I asked him about the Raddish Kids kits.

Ren’s favorite recipe (that we have made several times for an afternoon snack) is the Brazilian Cheese Bread recipe that was in our very first kit.  Cheese & Bread can’t go wrong with those. I love how Raddish Kids provides detailed step by step recipe cards that Ren can follow with little assistance.

Do you cook with your kids? Do they have a favorite recipe or cooking experience that they enjoy with you? I love food, trying new foods and cooking is one of my passions, one I hope to pass on to my kids.


26 thoughts on “Raddish Kids ~ Ren’s Favorite”

    1. I’m sure they will still be around. They are a great company. My oldest is 7 and we started this year. I don’t think he would have been ready last year.

  1. I love this idea. I can’t wait to cook with my girls. They are interested, but not for long, so they usually hang out for a step or two. Those rolls look amazing.

  2. Love this idea! My son and I love to bake! We do muffins, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and I’m starting to teach him other ways to cook 🙂

    1. I found out about it at a Homeschool Convention last year, I wasn’t on the look out for a cooking club but I am so glad I came across this one!

  3. How neat! My daughter is only a year and a half, but she already likes to help me beat eggs in the morning. We made up a song. But the whole family loves to cook, so hopefully she likes rolling up her sleeves in the kitchen too!

    1. My kids have helped me in the kitchen since they were really little too! I love that something I do for my family (like cooking), on a daily basis can be family time or one on one quality time too!

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