All About the Girl~ $10 at Target

I’m not sure that two girls can really ever spend less than $10 at Target in a shopping trip, Alexandria and I almost did.  We went out for a girls day this past weekend on a hunt for berry, berry girly things. With two older brothers at home, Alexandria has her pick of all things masculine, car, building, dinosaur and animal related at home. While she loves playing with her brothers stuff, she also loves all things girly.

Alexandria saw this fun mermaid puzzle in the toy aisle and she wanted to hold it right away. She has been dragging puzzle boxes out of the game closet for about a week or so; wanting me to help her put them together and then playing around/on them. “It’s berry, berry girly” she said over and over. Mermaids trump dragons and dinosaurs anytime…especially for this girl. I couldn’t resist buying it for her and the $7.99 tag fit right in our budget.

Alexandria added a couple of ponies to swim underwater with the mermaids right after I put together for her. She spent the next 10 or so minutes playing quietly on and around the puzzle.  I love the bright colors, the sturdiness and the size of the puzzle pieces. Alexandria is learning to sort the pieces by color matching; I’m sure it won’t be long before she figures out how to put the pieces together.

We made one more swing through the Target Spot before we checked out and Alexandria spied a little wooden bird house to paint. For $3.00 it put us a little over our $10 budget…a girl can try though! I had hoped for little painting party on Sunday but I was immersed in a big project that couldn’t wait.

It’s so hard for me to believe that my baby is growing so fast. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was snapping her into an infant carrier? Her cute expressions, non-stop conversations, infectious giggles and love for all the berry, berry girly things just melts my heart.

Have you had any recent Target finds? Bonus points if you walked out the red doors spending less than $10.  I’m joining  Stephanie, Elizabeth, Beth, Becky and Tif for the $10 at Target Link-Up Party.


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20 thoughts on “All About the Girl~ $10 at Target”

  1. She has the sweetest chubby legs. I know she won’t like them years to come but I hope she keeps them forever. I need to let Connor shop. But we know that our boy is far too expensive! Maybe I’ll give it a go though.

    1. You should let him shop. I bet if you told him he has $10 and help him keep up with the amount he has and how much things cost he would rock it! I’ll be sad when she grows out of all the baby-ness.

  2. Isaiah wanted a laser for his nurf gun, and while a lot of the sets ranged anywhere from $15-$20 we did find a single laser for just $7.99 and then couldn’t resist this clearance pumpkin pie candle, in the shape of a pumpkin of course!, for just $1.00 so it stayed well within my $10 budget!

    1. My oldest (almost 8) will get all the puzzles out..even the easy for him now ones…and put them together all over the floor. My other two are still learning the jigsaw ones and I love watching them too! The quiet time that puzzles bring (unless they get totally frustrated) is awesome!

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