Just Write~ Out of Abundance

Five minutes of thoughts, words on a screen, fingertips to keys. My thoughts, my emotions, my life, just write.

We had a speaker at my MomsNext group yesterday. She spoke on taking time for ourselves, taking care of our spiritual health, physical health and finances. One of the questions for table talk was, What is holding you back from taking your Me Time? I sat there and thought for a while, the only thing I could come up with is me. I sabotage myself again and again. It’s the most consistent thing about the core of who I am. Which is sad. Why would I do or rather not do the things that I know will bring me a better life? Last year was a wash when it comes to taking care of myself and I never seemed to surface long enough to make a change. The crazy thing is that 2015 was awesome. I worked out on a daily basis, ate (mostly) healthy, I spent time in the Word and in prayer…and then 2016 happened. I don’t know what even happened…I just stopped. So here I am. Seven and a half weeks into this year and I don’t want to be consistent with myself…I don’t want to sabotage myself again. Life and the days of life don’t get longer; if anything they get shorter. There is so much to be done and my ToDo lists seem never-ending. As soon as one box is checked three more appear at the end of the page.  So this is my proposal to myself.


~Daily Bible readings (Proverbs and Bible App daily readings) ~ Daily Prayer and Worship times before my kids are up ~ A Bible Study for Couples with Ed ~ Worship Music on Pandora


~ Water, daily intake to 1/2 my body weight in ounces ~ BeachBody workout stream online daily ~Cut all processed food and eat clean, whole foods ~ Snack on fruits and veggies


~ Stick to the budget plan that Ed and I have agreed upon ~ Make it a goal to have more money left over for savings at the end of the month, more than is budgeted   ~ Cut out emotional and impulse purchases

That’s the plan. I know I am not the only person that struggles in these areas. I have a diary for the No Spend challenge that I started in January that I will be posting at the end of this month. I hope you can share this journey with me. Accountability is a powerful thing.

One of the verses that the speaker shared, to help us give permission to take time for ourselves was Proverbs 4:23, For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If we are not taking care of ourselves and staying in communion with God than the words that we speak and the life that we pour into others will be empty and we will become empty. I don’t want to become empty. I want to be able to encourage and speak life to those around me. I want abundance to flow from my heart.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you struggle in any of these areas? What have you found works for you? Do you have a plan in place to take Me Time? I hope we can encourage one another this year. I’m looking forward to 2017 continuing to be the year that brings great things…even the ones I have to work hard on myself for.


24 thoughts on “Just Write~ Out of Abundance”

  1. It is so important to take time for yourself especially when you are the mom! I love your goals. We have similar financial goals. I keep reminding myself that I would rather put that $10 target impulse buy into savings which will go into our financial plan which produces compound interest. That has been a great motivator for me!

    1. It’s the all the little nickel and dimes that add up to quite bit over time. The beast that I haven’t learned to leash yet. Maybe this year will be my year!

  2. I needed to hear this, I have fallen off the wagon with all of it. I need to relate me time, from working out, to eating better, to setting business hours and sticking to all of it. So I can be a better wife, Mom and business owner. Thank you for this.❤

    1. Thank you Charlie! I forget what is it all the time…and the importance of taking it. I’m grateful I could link up with you.

  3. “Me time” is so tough. I’m away from my girls 11 hours each day Monday through Thursday (and I work from home on Fridays with no real quality time either). When it comes to taking me time on nights or weekends, I feel SO incredibly guilty. Every so often, my parents tell us they’re taking the kids and won’t take no for an answer – that way my husband and I get time for ourselves and time together. I’m thankful for that, because I wouldn’t take much time for myself otherwise!

  4. Nili, I think as moms, we all struggle with taking time for ourselves, but as you said, it is so important. I am overall a healthy eater, but my struggle with sugar is real. Valentine’s Day treats and Girl Scout thin mints in the same month?! Ha! One thing that has really helped me stay consistent with exercise is finding something I really enjoy. I heard people say that for years, but always secretly thought I would never REALLY enjoy exercise until I found Zumba. I do the workout DVDs at home and working out 6x a week has become part of my lifestyle now for 4 years. I think I enjoy it because it feels more like dancing than working out 😉

    1. Cecilia, I haven’t tried Zumba….I have two left feet. I do enjoy Yoga & Pilates and those were the exercises that I was successful in a couple of years ago…I just need to be consistent with my time to workout. And Sugar…I know that struggle. All the valentines candy were eaten by the trash can this morning…I just can’t.

  5. Such an honest, relatable post! Thanks so much for sharing and encouraging us. I like the verse you shared. Not only does the mouth speak out of the abundance of our hearts, but our actions follow closely behind. Sometimes I just get lazy, but I find that when I take the time to really fill up on God, everything else falls into place… it’s like I’m then rightly motivated… not guilted into ‘goals’ etc. but simply finding the time for what really matters. However, that being said, I still don’t spend the time I would like to, but God is full of grace and I’m learning to rely on Him more and more. Blessings to you!

  6. It is so important to take care of ourselves, but as moms, I feel we are often the last ones left. By the time we get to us there is no time left. Thank you for the reminder that I am importnat too. 🙂

  7. I self-sabotage, too! I am in the beginning stages of recognizing it and just asking myself “WHY?” Why don’t I want to workout? Why don’t I want to sit down and write when I am wide awake? Why would I rather get on FB for the 25th time in one hour instead of doing something productive? Why don’t I want to do my laundry? I think asking myself WHY helps me to realize WHAT it is that is holding me back and what fear I am trying to overcome. I LOVE your idea of writing a plan out for every your life, and that is something I need to do, too! Great post!

    1. yes, the why and the what…I need to ask that of myself all the days that I am not self-motivated. Maybe that will help me. I am however glad to know that i am not alone in the self sabotage crap.

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