Exciting News!

We received news recently and are preparing for an overseas move. My plate is FULL of all.the.things. that a Mama must do to prepare a home and a family for a huge transition. Because of that full plate I will not be posting very often here. I hope to share with you how we prepare for an overseas move, when I have time. Once we are over the pond, I plan to write about our adventures, the day to day workings of a homeschool mama life, recipes and copy-cat recipes (there is some food you just can’t get overseas) and all the things that gives me handfuls of life.

Until then, I have more spaces to go through and organize, a home to prepare for rental and suitcases to pack and re-pack. Say a prayer for me…Wisdom and peace would be my top two. Wisdom in packing smart, packing up things my kids need to make this a smooth transition and deciding the timeline for our trip and visits to family out of town. Peace for my heart (moving is tough) and my family (moving is tough).

Thanks friends!

7 thoughts on “Exciting News!”

  1. Oh how I will miss you so. I don’t really want to think about daily life without the chance to see you or the kids but thanks to blogging, FaceTime and social media I know you’ll be ever present in my life. I am here for you in all the way. Love you Nili Sunshine 🙂

    1. Thanks Friend! I don’t want to think about it either. 🙁 …love to you too and a big thanks for all your support.

  2. I am excited for the opportunities this gives you and your family but I am sad that you will be so far away. I look forward to all.the.things you post. Love you sis!

  3. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Take a deep breath, take it one day at a time and know that you can do this! Your family will be experiencing amazing things!

  4. I am missing you daily here already being a few days drive apart, I am going to miss so much with your wonderful babies going across the pond! If you decide you would like to leave them stateside, I am rushing up to be at the head of the line! I Love you all!!! Let’s talk soon!!

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