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I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and came across a hilarious time-hop video of my oldest from a couple years ago.  In the video Ren is telling the best version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I loved it…he however was embarrassed and immediately asked me to delete it….not the reaction I was expecting as Ren is a jokester, however I honored his request and deleted the video. We then sat down and talked about what is on my Facebook page, what I share and what is on my page that is of him. I showed him my friends list (many people that he knows casually) and explained who sees what and why I use Facebook.  I then asked him if he would feel better if I asked his permission to post pictures/videos of him instead of just doing it. He nodded and then was off to build another Lego machine.

That conversation left me thinking for quite a while about the world my kids are growing up in. When I was Ren’s age the internet was just created…(mind blowing…really)…and there was no such thing as social media unless you count Polaroids and the notes that people wrote on them. I didn’t have to navigate instant…instant anything really. The best thing I can do for my kids is keep their day to day lives theirs. They get weirded out when someone asks them a question or makes a statement to them about something (that I put in FB) that that person was not a part of. I kinda like that they are weirded out (in a healthy way) by that…because it keeps me from over-sharing and helps me to be a more in-the-moment mama.

As a blogger and a mama who writes about being a mama…and my kids are 3 parts of that 4 part equation; I will have to figure out how to navigate my sharing with their privacy. Honoring Ren’s request to not post without asking his permission gives him the assurance that his life is his and he gets to choose what parts of it are shared. As a mama of young kids I have to use my judgement of what to share and not share. When they become aware of social media and their place in it; I have to honor their right to privacy.  I want to teach my kids to guard themselves and their privacy; to know that their lives are precious, protected and not for all the world to see at a moments notice.

Have you had a social media and privacy talk with your kids? What advice would you give if you have? These are new waters for me and I would love to hear from you!


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8 thoughts on “Social Media & Kids”

  1. I haven’t thought about this, and now I think it will be good to have a talk with my son. Thanks for bringing this up!

  2. I think of this often as Connor gets older and older. I think once he is old enough to voice his opinion, I will ask his approval before sharing anything that may be embarrassing to him.

    1. I think that is the key…what they find embarrassing…at least that is what I am finding with Ren. He is ok with most of what I have asked him about.

  3. Stopping by from Tuesday Talk. XOXO It’s definitely a great conversation to have with your kids. My older two kids are 10 and 12 and you won’t see them as often on my blog. I always ask before I share a picture or something about them on my blog or social media. They are usually okay with it, but every so often they will tell me they don’t want me to post a picture, and I respect their wishes!

  4. I think asking their permission is a great idea! It helps them understand that it is respectful to ask someone before you post anything about them on social media. Hopefully the lesson carries over to their peer relationships as they get older!

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