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Hi Beautiful Friend!

My name is Nili and this is my blog: Handfuls Of Life

I started writing/blogging back in 2008 under Life NJK Way on blogger. My husband had recently returned home from a hard deployment in Iraq, we had experienced a failed private adoption (while he was deployed) and I started writing as a creative outlet and a way to tell my story. August 4th of 2008 we found out we were pregnant and I wrote about it and continued to write off and on for the next 8 years. Some of those years being a bit leaner than others in writing. Life and the busyness of Mamahood really took off and this space took a back burner for me.  Ren was born in March of 2009, Sam in August of 2012 and Alexandria in April of 2014. Writing here helped me when Ed deployed to Afghanistan when Ren was a baby, thoughts and emotions that I could not share in other ways seemed to make their way onto my blog.  Looking back over older posts I see the struggles and joys of young Mamahood. I love being able to re-read posts from the past years and see my growth and the growth of my family.

I changed the name to Handfuls of Life after my 3rd baby was born. My life was no longer my way…(if you are a mama, I know you are nodding your head in agreement to this statement)…it was and continues to be, Life by the Handfuls. Jesus said in John 10:10 ~ I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full~.  This is partly where the name Handfuls of Life comes from. I want to live my life for Christ to the full. On days that are hard and I don’t know if I am even cut out for Mamahood, I am reminded that God gave me this beautiful life and he desires me to live it to the fullness, no matter the day, the situation or how I am feeling…God knows me and HE has a plan for me and part of that plan is life to the full! The other story to the name comes from friends, acquaintances or even strangers saying to me…”You have your hands full!” and while mostly the statement was given almost as a backhanded compliment; I choose to take it as a wonderful statement. Yes, my hands are full, my heart is too and while I am busy and my ToDo lists seem to never end, I am so grateful for this life, this wild and precious life that is mine.

My Family Fall 2015

I wear many hats (wife, mama, Military spouse, cook, homemaker, homeschooler, teacher, crafter, reader, woman’s leader, friend, encourager, cheerleader, life speaker, woman of God, sister, quilter, learner of life, traveler …etc, etc) and this space is where I want to share my life with you, share my story with you. I hope you visit often. I will be sharing about my life, our family life, military life, my kids, our homeschool life, recipes I love, books I have read, experiences I have had and moments of my walk with Christ that deepen me and refine me. I love hearing from you, so please don’t be a stranger. You can reach me by email {njkoster@gmail.com} or on social media — FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest. Please come introduce yourself!

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