Social Media & Kids

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and came across a hilarious time-hop video of my oldest from a couple years ago.  In the video Ren is telling the best version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I loved it…he however was embarrassed and immediately asked me to delete it….not the reaction I was expecting as Ren is a jokester, however I honored his request and deleted the video. We then sat down and talked about what is on my Facebook page, what I share and what is on my page that is of him. I showed him my friends list (many people that he knows casually) and explained who sees what and why I use Facebook.  I then asked him if he would feel better if I asked his permission to post pictures/videos of him instead of just doing it. He nodded and then was off to build another Lego machine.

That conversation left me thinking for quite a while about the world my kids are growing up in. When I was Ren’s age the internet was just created…(mind blowing…really)…and there was no such thing as social media unless you count Polaroids and the notes that people wrote on them. I didn’t have to navigate instant…instant anything really. The best thing I can do for my kids is keep their day to day lives theirs. They get weirded out when someone asks them a question or makes a statement to them about something (that I put in FB) that that person was not a part of. I kinda like that they are weirded out (in a healthy way) by that…because it keeps me from over-sharing and helps me to be a more in-the-moment mama.

As a blogger and a mama who writes about being a mama…and my kids are 3 parts of that 4 part equation; I will have to figure out how to navigate my sharing with their privacy. Honoring Ren’s request to not post without asking his permission gives him the assurance that his life is his and he gets to choose what parts of it are shared. As a mama of young kids I have to use my judgement of what to share and not share. When they become aware of social media and their place in it; I have to honor their right to privacy.  I want to teach my kids to guard themselves and their privacy; to know that their lives are precious, protected and not for all the world to see at a moments notice.

Have you had a social media and privacy talk with your kids? What advice would you give if you have? These are new waters for me and I would love to hear from you!


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Milestones… Potty Training Tips & Tricks

We have officially completed the diaper phase in the Kosterman House…..Whew…after much wailing and gnashing of teeth (mostly mine all mine), Alexandria is officially a Big Girl!

She is forever my baby, full of sass, spunk, fun, laughter, strength, an unbelievable vocabulary, imagination and pure sweetness. I am so proud of this girl.  We (or I should say I) attempted training this girl at least 4 times. The first attempt was back in October and I thought she would take to the no-diapers deal like a fish to water….it didn’t happen.  Two more attempts came and went…this is when my stress started to take over.  I knew she wouldn’t be in diapers for forever but I was also ready for her to take to the big girl stuff like a boss…mostly because she does that with everything else and I was just done with diapers.

Ren and Sam trained at 2 1/2. They both trained quickly, 2-3 days and done. Sam with minimal accidents and Ren….well my experience with Ren and accidents is a post all on its own…let’s just say I learned a lot about letting go and having patience simultaneously.  I left the training potty in the main room (living room) of our house and I had them practice what to do when they had to go. Providing lots of juice, chocolates, stickers and the promise of a toy from the toy store of their choosing, once they completed the sticker chart, all proved to work wonders for the boys. Alexandria met all of those things with a cool “I don’t want those” attitude and challenged each time I would start her. So, I let it be.

Christmas came and went and we were just about out of diapers. I let Alexandria know that there would be no more diapers when she used all the ones we had.  I bought more training panties and got out my wet bag (from the cloth diaper days). I was prepared that going “cold turkey” was going to be rough…let me tell you….it wasn’t. I know shocking…right. We started on Tuesday afternoon with a couple back ups of pull-ups for some outings we had planned.  By Thursday we were pull-up free for any out of the house plans we had. Sunday she was accident free and as of Monday she initiated going on her own every time and was mess free as well.  Alexandria has sixteen spots left to fill on her sticker chart (70 total) and we can head to the toy store for her to pick something.

After training three kids I thought putting a little Tips & Tricks for potty training would be helpful for the mamas that are in the potty training trenches.

Here are my Tips & Tricks for Stress Free Potty Training:

  • No more diapers means no more diapers….not even for sleeping (pull-ups function more like underwear and are not diapers)
  • Pick time that you can be home and focus on your trainee. The more opportunities to train at home means less stress for you and them.
  • Invest in some training underwear that have extra absorbing fabric to help with little accidents.
  • Let them go commando or just underwear for the training period if possible. They can take charge of their body functions easier if they are not stressing about how to get clothes off or pulled down.
  • Provide plenty of their favorite juice to drink (more drinking means more potty practice).
  • Make practice runs to the potty….You’ve gotta go, what do you do? and let them run through the motions of going to the potty.
  • For boys…train them sitting down or sitting backwards (straddling the potty). No need to aim until they are older and a lot less mess for cleaning up.
  • Provide incentives for successful potties…gummy bears, M&M’s, Mini Reese’s PB Cups….really whatever they want…bribery is good here. I up the reward for initiating going (not being told) and mess free poops….I mean hello..mess free poops.
  • An attainable goal sticker chart. Alexandria had 70 spaces on her chart. One sticker for each time she goes, two if she initiated going and four for poops. Talk up what they are going to get when they fill their chart. I let my kids pick toy from Toys R Us….not a huge dollar amount but anything reasonable. They’ve earned it and…no more diaper changes!
  • Most important….don’t stress…they’ll train when they are ready. All kids are ready at different ages. Just try and try again…and have plenty of mama juice on hand. Most of all just know that you got this….and they will get it.

Do you have any additional tips or tricks for potty training?  I’d love hear from you if you had success using my tips & tricks!